Learning To Adapt

Classroom full of empty desks
Empty classroom desks could be the norm this school year.

Administrators, teachers, parents and students all wonder what the new school year will bring. Which things will work and which won’t. Uncertainty and necessity have led to re-imagining home schooling and distance learning as well as the creation of new models including pandemic pods, virtual tutoring, and hybrid in-person/on-line models.

As concerns about socialization of young students and experiencing the full academic process for older students grow, the stakes are high. Schools and parents are struggling to find the balance between safety for staff and students and the ability to provide the highest level of education possible.

The only sure thing this school year is that schools, parents, and students will need to be flexible, creative and ready to adapt to changing circumstances.

Annette Anderson, assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education and deputy director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Safe and Healthy Schools, former teacher and principal, shares her ideas on how schools and families can overcome the current challenges in “How schools will have to ‘adapt creatively’ this fall” from Futurity.org.

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